It feels like Monday


I thought I was frozen when I finally made it to class this morning. It took ages for me to get the feeling back in my fingers and ears… And then I proceeded to learn about Africa and how awful and hot and desert-like it is all becoming :/ I really could use some of that right about now (hahah)

After class I had to buy my last book. (Finally! The prof didn’t even order it til the second class meeting.) And I bought a new skinny green pen which totally brightened my day and made it worth riding all the way to class. I am excited for taking notes with it!

After dinner we mad-dash-like cleaned our suite because…..we had a cute almost-neighbor guy coming over to watch New Girl with us! (More for my suitemates than me, I’m not really into guys right now. I’m enjoying the single-life at present.) It was lots of fun! We ate jelly beans and popcorn and laughed a lot. Then off to late night for paninis and fresh chocolate chocolate cookies with milk :) We met his cool pole dancer teacher friend there. (New evening suitemate bonding activity??)

We chilled together for too long and now it’s too late for studying…and I still have a proposal to write x.x First bio lab tomorrow!

Also I am thinking of going home for the next three day weekend. It’s my dads birthday and I need my fancy dress for the Dormal in March!!! (Me = excited) More on that later though. Time for showers and sleep now.


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