Will we survive?


It’s almost Friday which means it’s almost the WEEKEND!!!

I am so excited because I might be going to San Francisco on Saturday for a Debussy concert that a friend of a lovely friend is singing the solo in! First of this completely rocks because I am in love with San Fran ♥! I would seriously go all the time if it was a little closer and I had a car or money for the BART. There is such a great energy and life in that city. Just amazing!

If that ends up falling through I will go visiting in Santa Rosa. I feel like I haven’t seen my Sonoma people in soo long! It would be great to catch up and party with them. Especially because it is a three day weekend so it wouldn’t cramp my homework/study time :)

(At least that is what I’ll tell my mother if she asks… hahaha Actually I only have a few things to read so it’s cool.)

I also had some great heart-to-hearts today. It is awesome to have deep talks, being open and honest and learning more about the people you care about. I’m pretty much loving life right now. Loving living in Davis, being with my friends. Life is good people. You just need to remember that. Peace out.


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