Are you lost too?


Today was pretty exciting…kinda.

I was early for class and just chilling outside the room, reading about antibiotic resistance and listening to music while waiting for the class before mine to get out. I peek into the room about 5 minutes til class starts and it’s full of people with notes out talking. (What?) So I ask one of the girls what class it is and it is not mine… (Oh dear.) Panicked phone calls to the roomie! She can’t figure out my laptop password. Then the internet won’t connect. Try her laptop, my username  isn’t working. Back to my laptop, it connects! Username won’t work. Username works, password doesn’t.  Then two girls walking down the hall overhear me, they are looking for the same class that seems to have mysteriously vanished. (Yay comrades!) We run all over the building looking for a LDA adviser who will know what happened to our class. We find one right as my roomie (who I’m still on the phone with) gets the computer to work. At the same time they both tell us it’s been moved to a different building and we should have know about it since like Monday. Oi. By now our class has started. We say breathless thank-yous all around and book it.

We have missed the passing out of the syllabus and schedule (luckily I had printed them off beforehand). And the classroom was COMPLETELY full, people sitting on the floor kinda stuffed…

Anywho, we survived and I hope one of them is in my discussion so we can be buddies :)

*    *   *

After dinner with the group we watched some Wallace and Gromit! Did you know there was a fourth short that came out in 2008?? I sure didn’t. It was awesome, you have to watch it! (It’s on Netflix)

Now it’s time to finish reading BioSci…


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