It is so great to be back in Davis!!! (You have no idea) And great to be away form the drama that is my small home-town and family-house.

I feel liberated! Drunk on the freedom that is college life! (I think I’m just super chipper cause I’m done with school for the day and I just wrote a horrendously long email to someone I haven’t seen or talked to in ages!)

All you really need to know about break is that I baked so much that our house was filled and I had to bring baskets of goodies to church to give away and I went to the beach and it was AMAZING and warm and sunny!

At Zuma with SoCal girls

I love sailboats!

My sister came up north with me and we have been having so much fun! Things we did (in kinda the order we did them):

Bought movies at Target

Explored the Davis Farmer’s Market

Ate a chocolate strawberry crepe from Crepeville

Got a cupcake from Let Them Eat Cake named Juliet

Visited/toured/ate way too much candy at the Jelly Belly factory

Visited/toured/drank more than we thought at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery

Watched Princess Diaries

Painted cool nails

Watched Princess Diaries 2

Went to Berkeley with the UCD girl friends!

Had pizza at Blondie’s

Spent way too long in Shakespeare & Co Books

Ate cupcakes at Love at First Bite

Cried (almost) about the Twig and Fig being closed

Decided to buy nearly every cute or beautiful house in Berkeley

Took lots of pictures on this!

And were crafty

*    *    *

Today was the first day of Winter Quarter! I’m kinda excited. And next Monday is a holiday!!

All in all, this was an amazing last weekend of break! Good luck on all your New Years resolutions!



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