Fall 2011: Done!


Finals are officially over!! Yay!

I was such a good student this week. I studied pretty much all of Sunday and Monday (when I wasn’t in a final) and a lot on Tuesday. I don’t think I have ever studied so much in a week in my whole life! I REALLY hope my grades reflect it… I’ll let you know when they are finally posted.

I am already looking forward to next quarters classes! I am taking a Biology class (ew. But I did just find out that a friend of mine is taking the same class! But he’s taking it at a different time with a different prof. We will still study together though.), World Ecosystems and Geography (not really my strong point but I’m sure studying will help well enough), Global Environmental History (not really sure how I’ll feel about this), and History of Landscape Architecture (soo excited for this one! I hope there are projects). I wish I could take choir or a music class but none of them fit into my schedule. Sad day. I miss music.

Over the weekend was my best friends grandparents 50th wedding anniversary!


I went to my first Catholic mass ever. It was interesting. Very much like a more hard-core version of another church service I went to awhile back. My bestie and I had a great time there. Then we had a party after with such tasty food and cake!

And they had out their wedding album and old pictures and her pearl headdress. Lovely.

I also finally met on old friends new boyfriend! I like him much better in person than in pictures. He seems great and funny.

I am going back home for a month this weekend. It will be different. I am shorter on people to hang out with than originally planned. We’ll see what happens.

My bestie and I are planning on seeing lots of movies over break. I still haven’t seen the new Twilight! And great movies are coming out.

I am excited for Christmas music and baking! I have printed out more recipes to try than I can count. I can count pretty high.

Got to keep celebrating the end of finals!

ttfn ♥


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