Last week of school!


Until finals week… : /

So a recap of the weekend you missed:

* Left town 4 hours later than planned and got to San Simeon around like 10 PM on Wednesday.

* Did many fun things while waiting for the turkey to roast

Like taking beach walks. It is not even noon in this picture but it was a foggy day.

There was lots of sea foam along the beach.

We also drove up the coast.

And visited the resident sea elephants.

* Made a pecan pie!

* Saw a rainbow on the beach!

* Was super classy and drank wine from a jam jar.

* Saw huge waves at high tide.

They were crashing over the road!

* Watched the fiance (not mine!) play with his new camera.

* Saw “arch rocks”

* Found an awesome old truck I’d like to fix and drive forever.

* Found the cutest house to open a bakery in with my sister.

* Drove by Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. (And cursed her will forever!)

* Saw LOTS of mushrooms on a hike.

Red ones with white spots like in the video games.

And pretty ones that look kind of like a hibiscus flower.

And cool shimmery bronze coloured ones.

* And saw amazing sunsets!

It was a great weekend of visiting with family and eating lots of great food!


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