Small recap


Done with midterms! Yay!   (At least til next Friday…)

You missed a lot yesterday:

1. Stagecoach 2012 lineup was released!!!! I’m so excited I could die! I absolutely must go! Can’t wait til April :) (And I think you should know that when I wrote ‘must’ I thought of wine making. Super cool.)

2. I still love my wine class. We learned the history of wine. Did you know that Pillsbury and Coca-Cola owed vineyards in California once? But they decided working in agriculture was to chancy and difficult (at least more difficult than making cookies and soda.)

These are Cabernet grapes, in case you were wondering.

3. I got in a bike accident! It was horrible but could have been way worse. A guy turned wide in front of me and caught my front tire with his back one and threw me off.  He didn’t even fall. So now I’ve got really sore wrists, a smashed toe, a banged knee, and a bigger hole in my cute yellow shoes. My bike basket got all bent up too, but I wrestled it back into shape. I kinda hate that guy.

4. I went to the Botany Club last night. I though it was pretty lame, the president was super unprepared for anything and said “god dammit” all the time. The pizza was good though. And I might visit Berkeley’s Botanical Garden with them in November and Baja during winter break.


I love Fridays! Even though I had a midterm on this one. I feel pretty good about it. Tonight a bunch of us over-21-ers are getting together to celebrate the weekend, it should be loads of fun! I did want to go to an opera thing at the Mondavi Center tonight, but they’re all sold out! Sad day. Maybe next time I’ll hear about it before the day of…

Now back to studying. Tomorrow will be full of letter-writing, hanging out, Farmer’s Market-ing, and possibly cupcake baking!


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