Midterms! AHHHH


Midterms start on Thursday. Yikes.

Not only am I a little pressed for time right now, but I’m not much in the mood to wine about school online. So things may get a little sporadic.

A few things before I go crazy with studying:

1. It’s fall! The air was a little crisp yesterday and the crunchy leaves were blowing about in the wind. (I know they were crunchy because I went out of my way to jump on them.)

2. I love my wine class! I wish I could just learn about wine all day. Only way to make the class better? Let’s do some tasting!

3. I love riding my bike everywhere! I don’t like all the locking and unlocking and having to think ahead if it will be dark when I head home.

4. I cannot wait for Thanksgiving! I think I will make Pumpkin Spice scones to tide me over.

5. I REALLY miss having my own kitchen stocked with baking and cooking supplies. I think when I am home for the holidays, I will positively LIVE in the kitchen.



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