Catch up! Ketchup?


I had school on Friday. That is all I remember…

*    *    *

Saturday = Homecoming!!

We painted and decorated ourselves before biking over to the stadium.

It was SO HOT! We almost melted. We won the game! We were very spirited.

Blue and Gold! Represent!

They played Stacy's Mom!! It was epic!

ps None of us got burned :)

*    *    *


I woke up ‘early’ today to make these for my favorite UCD twin!

I tried to dye the inside purple, but it didn’t quite turn out:

Then after lunch it was off to the flag football game.

Here's our team

Here is the 'audience' cheering on our team

It was a rough game. Our team lost 28 to zero. Better luck next time guys!

(Just so you know, the other team was really good. Fast, tall, and very muscled)

Now off to Woodstock’s to eat our sorrows away and celebrate birthdays!!


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