Last night was awesome! A whole group of us went to my roomie’s first soccer game of the season.

The team is called the Free Agents but some of us call them the Free Asians because that is totally what if sounds like when they say it fast. haha

They lost.

But it was still loads of fun! And we stayed up late chillin’ and studying and hangin’.

Today though has be completely different. Unfortunately.

I woke up with a runny nose and a sore-ish throat. Sad day.

I had a quiz in my wine class today, it went great! And it was warm enough to ride without a sweater. Great day!

Then ‘home’ to make myself pretty for a HUGE internship and career fair on campus. I looked so nice and (mostly) professional! (I did go in my gray cowboy boots = super cute!) But practically no one was interested in my major… I mean who would be interested in an Environmental Horticulture and Urban Forestry major? Lame. But I did give my resume to the USDA Forest Service

But they kinda want me to move to Medford, OR. (Good thing I know an awesome bass opera singer who lives there) Though if I could go to any National Park I wanted to that would be AMAZING! I could go to a tropical island or the east coast.

I also talked to a lady from Monsanto… And she told me there were no sections of the company in So Cal. Lies! There are offices in Oxnard and Simi Valley. I am totally going to try getting a job/internship there in the summer!

Anywho, the lack of interest in my major kinda took me down a few notches.

And I totally lost my train of thought…. Must be time for bed for sick me.


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