Visiting Weekend


Fun times of Thursday:

Dinner with roomies and buddies from down the hall.

Late night Starbucks run with friends (where we saw many Humans and Zombies).

How to Train Your Dragon with a bunch of silly boys.

*    *    *


I got a package!

This is what was in it:

(I love my wonderful bf! It’s been a great 9 months so far :) )

Then mom and the bf (finally) got here. There was misdirection on the road. It was good to see people after like a month.

Woodstock’s Pizza for dinner after visiting Cost Plus World Market and Trader Joe’s (to bother them about hiring me please!)

Restocking up at CPWM

After dinner we head to our friend’s house. We know they won’t be home til 10 (but they left us a way in) and we get there at 9. Their front gate is chained and locked. Oh dear. We pull on the lock and the chain to see if it really is locked, we’re sure it is. We try calling home and cells, no answer. They get home at 10 and are very surprised to find us parked by the gate. The lock on the chain wasn’t clicked shut.  Sigh. Well we did have fun looking at the moon and stars and scaring ourselves by hearing things tapping at the windows.

The bf and I watched Easter Parade before bed. Cute movie :)

*    *    *


Farmer’s Market! We bought pretty brown eggs, spinach flat-bread-ish thing, roasted tomato pesto, an apple tart, and two small flourless chocolate cakes to have with dinner and for dessert.

Check out the thrift store then to Outback Steakhouse for a late-ish lunch. Soo tasty!

Stop by ‘home’ on our way to Loomis to visit, eat tasty food, and play with the cute puppy (someday I will take a picture of her).

Watched Meet Me in St Louis. They all live happily ever after :)

*    *    *


Slept in late. BLTs for lunch!

Off to the movies and the mall to celebrate our 9th month-iversary!

We saw 50/50.  Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt ↓ sweet

<img class="alignnone" title="thanks

I got the new Bath & Body Works scent, be Enchanted. It smells lovely!

We got smoothies and walked and talked and window shopped.

Loomis-home for dinner and a quick game of Sorry!

Watched The Band Wagon. Weird movie… That’s entertainment!

*    *    *


Back to school :/

Left early for school and almost drowned when we got here, the rain was pouring down! So I got to ride in a car to my class instead of riding my bike (the brakes were still broken too). Mom watched my laundry while I was in class ♥

I got a ride back from class too, then took a walk with the bf to . . . the bike barn! Why? So he could buy me a little bell that says I  my bike!  Thank you so much! *bbrrrrrrrrrrring bbbbrrrrrring*

I took them out to lunch in the tasty Davis DC, then one last trip around to Trader Joe’s and Rite Aid.

Now they have left and it’s back to real-life and the daily grind for all of us…

Hello more raining.


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