What a day!


Today has been crazy. Everything from the weather down.

I almost cried 3 times today.

1. My cute yellow shoes have a hole in the toe now. See?

2. My ‘soccer-mom’ sneakers have a hole in the sole. And it’s been raining. So my socks are soaked… At least I picked a good pair to get wet, haha

Awesome socks with teeny whales and my 'holy' shoes in the background drying out

3. I read this horrible article about “down-sizing” pregnancies. I can’t even talk about it. Sorry.

*    *    *

Now onto happier things!

I am covered in glitter!

Mostly because a letter from my sister came in the mail today

it was filled with glitter and stars as you can see.

and this is the back! So cute!

During my 3 hour outside lab class we learned about figs! I ate one right off the tree.

And since my roomie LOVES figs, I carried one back to her through 2 classes with only minimal damage.

I also painted my nails super pretty sparkly. Blue-ish iridescent with white-ish sparkly tips. Kinda like a shimmered out manicure : )

One last exciting thing this night. Down at the DC at dinner there was a guy with a table about nutrition and stuff (and pencils!). They were doing a drawing for a free fitness pass to the ARC (the coolest gym ever! There is a rock climbing wall, indoor 2nd story track, tennis courts, yoga and martial arts rooms, a huge weight room, and lots of cool machines.) So I filled out a little paper for it, mostly because I wanted the pencil (I picked orange…getting in that festive mood).

We went back home upstairs to make tea and hot chocolate and coffee and the guy called and told me I won it! So now I like HAVE to go to the gym… Maybe I’ll learn yoga or do more cycling (cause I’m totally not getting enough biking all over town)

I’ll let you know how that turns out.

Now I’ve got to clean up some of this glitter….



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