Monday Monday…


Mondays are long. (Not really for me, but today was.)

You know those songs you really want to love but they remind you of certain people or times you’d like to forget?

Well I think all of mine came on today and Pandora is stupid now and won’t let you skip more than like 5 songs a day….so, yeah I listened to them. (It actually wasn’t sooo bad. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard them. I might get to like them soon.)

And it rained today! (I like rain.)

But it didn’t start until I was packing up for my second class. And kept getting harder as I rode to class. And when I rode back.

We went to dinner with some new friends and I was excited to have soup because it was raining! Then I spilled it on my jeans. *sigh*

At least I’m doing laundry this weekend :)

And seeing my bf and my mom 

Now I need to study some more…midterms are coming up.


Today was good though. I’m looking forward to my 8 AM lab tomorrow.

We are learning how to make websites!


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