Well today has been productive


And last night was super fun!

Last night:

We girls of 309 B were very excited to be done with school for the weekend and we just found out that a movie we all wanted to see came out on Friday. So after dinner when the last roomie finished class and got home at 6:30 we walked downtown to the theater. That was interesting.

One rommie had been hanging downtown since the afternoon.

Two roomies decided to go to a frat party instead.

Three of us set off finally.

Then one decided she really wanted to pick up a package then catch up with us. So we continued.

After she got her package and set off, she realized she had no idea where we were heading (even though we told her before we set out). She called us 9 times and texted 3 times trying to get directions. Funny thing about walking downtown with your phone on vibrate or in your purse: you really never can hear or feel it. She figured she was going the wrong direction (she wasn’t) and turned around. Finally she got a hold of the downtown roomie and managed to meet us at the theater a few minutes after we got there (about 10 minutes before the movie started). It was all good :)

There was a trailer for the next Twilight movie!! (Me = SO EXCITED!! and a little sad cause my best friend and I won’t get to go to the midnight showing together)

This is the awesome movie we saw!

We are all BIG fans of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Great movie.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt. So pretty...


Then we hit the local froyo joint (shout out to Yolo Berry!)

*   *   *


Today has been spent catching up on school reading:

5 chapters for Computers in Agriculture

5 chapters for Environmental Awareness (which is super lame cause the book has almost nothing to do with the class)

15 plants to memorize with their latin names

3 chapters for Environmental Plants

10 pages for Winemaking

And witting letters to most of the people I have addresses for! Congrats if you were one of the lucky few :)

On that note (haha) you should totally send me a letter or box of cool stuff if I sent you a letter!


Now time to get back to reading and listening to country music!


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