Happy September!



So it has been a long time since the last post…

Here’s what I’ve been doing instead of blogging:

I had a birthday! Along with a fabulous dinner with my bfs. (boy friend, best friend, their boy friend)

I’ve been baking and cooking! Here are some things I made (with my baking buddy)

A beautiful Dark Chocolate Chipped Torte with Raspberries

Super tall, rather crumbly, Raspberry Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

Sauteed chicken and orzo for dinner at Filmore

Funfetti cookies with Party Rainbow Chip Frosting. From a box and SO yummy!

Home made Pesto. We were being buried in basil and mom bought a Huge bag of garlic (yum!) Word to the wise: Wait a few hours to use it to let the garlic mellow a bit

A lovely almond cake with rose water cream cheese frosting

We are also being buried in zucchini and this bread is amazing! (esp with chocolate chips)

Home made pasta! I had some extra and made little nests for later.

There has been more, but I’m already hungry and if you really want to see all we twins bake you should visit our blog.

*   *   *

And I went camping. But I won’t bore you with my pictures now…

Sorry, I couldn't resist! Just one. This is in Armstrong Forest where some redwoods live.

*   *   *

And I have been packing!!

This is my pile so far:

Still needs to be organized and actually packed for transport



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