I love my suite-ies….haha


So room/suite assignments are up!

My lovely roommate and I are sharing a suite with 4 other girls on the third floor of an almost-off-campus-housing-complex named Wouldn’t-you-like-to-know. (haha, did you really think I’d tell you exactly where I live?) The six of us will be sharing two bathrooms…so it could be worse. But really? Third floor? It will be so fun moving in with 260 other people into that building and climbing three flights of stairs about a million times. (Yay for more toned legs the next day…) At least we will have a few days to recover before classes start,

This is what our building looks like:

And this is what it is next to!!

I <3 Trader Joes!!

And this:

Can you read the little sign? It's a Cost Plus World Market!

Which is tremendously exciting!


I move in three weeks! And there is still so much to do!

Yikes :/ ttfn 


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